Nate Gerding
  • Robert Parsons Head Estimator
    Robert Parsons
    Head Estimator
  • Scott Partridge
    Project Manager
  • Heston Altenbach
    Heston Altenbach
    Project Manager
  • Troy Woosley Field Engineer
    Troy Woosley
    Field Engineer
  • Anthony Candelario Project Engineer
    Anthony Candelario
    Project Engineer
  • Pat Hampl Project Engineer
    Pat Hampl
    Project Engineer

With our combined bench strength, T. Gerding Construction brings your project the necessary resources, qualifications and experience needed for a variety of project types and markets. In addition to our labor force, we have a powerful team of Superintendents capable of managing complex jobs.

  • Superintendents & Foremen – Over 22 trained professionals who can range from large complex jobs, to smaller jobs where they transition between supervision and labor.
  • Labor
  • Quality Control
  • Project Engineers

In addition to the on-site labor and supervision, we support our crew with the following resources:

  • Estimating Department
  • Safety Council
  • Safety Consultant
  • Office Staff
  • Accounting Department
  • Warehouse Personnel
  • Business Development
  • Project Assistants


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